Stress, stress and more stress


Dear readers,

Today I wish to speak of stress. Below I will explain my points of view in the light of experiences and personal observations.

What is stress?

According to psychologists, there are two types of stress: the beneficial and negative ( The body tolerates stress, it is prepared to by nature. If we exceed the limit granted by nature and accumulate stress, physical and mental balance is damaged and stress is somatized. The repercussions will be considerable and drawbacks.

Why is it so widespread stress today? It depends on who and what it depends on? I noticed a generalized use of this word even in situations in which has nothing to do. If the word love was to be used as the word stress the world would be a better place :).

First I want to tell you, you who are reading and whatever your age, to be careful in labeling an object as stressful: I refer to a person, a situation, work etc … What happens psychologically? (I refer precisely to stress with negative effects). More you use it and more your life will be stressed. More you talk of stress and more draws it in your life; at the same time, you load a specific object in mind like stressful that form an association in the mind. More you will repeat the operation to say for example: “that stressful job” and more you will strengthen this association. Therefore it should not abuse the use. Replace the word stress for another. Instead of saying “that stressful job” you think, “that demanding job.” Trained, trained, and continues to do so until it becomes established habit (at least 21 days of exercises).

In my opinion:

stress is a conscious choice. We decided to react to daily events in a specific way: nobody forces you to think or behave like a stressed out. Only you have that power. Stress is a response to our interpretation of facts, people or situations. This is a subjective interpretation.

stress is a point of view, an observation point; not stressful for all is the same thing. Your freedom lies in becoming aware of what are the stressors and change your reaction to them (emotional, cognitive and / or behavioral). An example: car traffic stresses me. If I observe it from other points of view, what would happen? I could change the focus: I might decide decide to use the time listening to pleasant music or work mentally to an idea or something that gives me comfort.

– if every day you have energy equal to 10 units at the end of the day it uses 15, what happens? you overload. Therefore you can identify effective strategies to replenish the batteries and organize the program of work activities, family… wisely. Then choose activities where time flies, that make you shine your eyes to balance your mental and emotional state. Discover the activities in which you feel you waste time or reorganize them with a view to efficiency.

So to resize it (reduce-delete), you decide to react to events differently by changing the starting point (thoughts, emotions, actions, behaviors). I repeat that you can consciously choose how to react to situations that you think “stressful.” My tips are:

1-Locate what stresses you exactly. If you make a list, choose the stressor that takes up a big chunk and more important to you.

2-Before reacting think of a different way than usual to react to something that stress you and do it!

3-Check the result: how did you feel?

4-Dedicated daily to passions, hobbies you love to do. Just very little time to recover vitality;

5-Contact an expert like me if you can not autonomously (

Good continuation.

With love,

Stefania Sandri

(Industrial and organizational psychology and coach)

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Stress, stress e ancora stress!