How do you see yourself?


How do you see yourself?

The thoughts they do, positive or negative, on how you present the data to the business meeting, or how do you deal to solve a problem, they are mental images. Give it a try: think of the weekend:

What have you done?

What do you see?

The images you see are pleasant or not, depending on the type of thoughts you do. Look at the photo posted at the top of the article: who do you feel? I feel a sense of depth, mystery.

Every thought has repercussions:

-positive ones cause positive reaction

-negative ones cause negative reactions

The reactions take place on the emotional level, physical, psychic, magnetism. Practically everything.

Whenever you see yourself frightened or anxious, you are creating that kind of person “afraid” or “anxious” (are examples). No matter if you are thinking to a situation already happened or that issues happen in the future in connection with a scheduled event, or only to an imagined situation; what happens is that concrete will manifest into your reality that kind of person it!

Our mind has the feature that is based on your past experiences to predict the future. If a job interview you felt strongly agitated, the next interview probably resurface your mind you the same script: yourself “agitated.” And you behave as rough because you’re following your mental images. The mind is not made for certain work and above is not meant to predict the future. E ‘must then load positive images instead of negative ones.

Imagine yourself relaxed as you’re dressed? what is your posture? what are you thinking about? SARA ‘A SUCCESS! You wear perfume? detailing as you can the image and upload it with enthusiasm. Repeat the operation when you’re relaxed (before sleep, upon awakening and after a meditation). And then verify the results obtained with this mode.

In the past they have lived characters like Emmet Fox and Thomas Troward who have invested much of their energy in the study of the powers of the mind. They encouraged to use positive thinking to solve problems. I’m on their side.

Nurture positive and transforms what makes you feel bad (

The complaints are parasites of your Light.

Thank you