How important are thoughts?


How important are thoughts?

The thoughts. In this space I will talk about “how important are?”. I believe strongly that thoughts are determinants of happiness . I invite you to reflect on the following statements :

All success starts with thinking

You are what you think you are

(Both from the book by Ben Sweetland “Get rich while you sleep”).

They are self-explanatory statements: reflect on these two sentences opens a world of opportunities. What do you think about it?

It is very important to note the type of thoughts that we formulate every day. Scientists say that we have about 60,000 thoughts a day: it is impossible to control them all of them and is also a useless effort. There are some thoughts that make us feel good and others that make us sad. In social psychology, it was demonstrated the correlation between thoughts and emotions. The thoughts you have cause of emotions, affect your mood. Try you to think of something that makes you smile and you’ll notice the emotional relationship.

First truth: thoughts affect them the emotions and moods

Good days!

Stefania Sandri

Coach professionista

La Scuola della Trasformazione

P.S.: it is my intention to create a forum in which to share personal experiences of growth and improvement. Users reading the results achieved by the other, they help each other and/or through my services and suggestions. What do you think about it? let me know please 🙂