Know yourself better


How is it important to know yourself?

What are your:






Of course, it’s very important. It is necessary some time and a strong belief about its worth to do it. Believe that to invest in themselves is a necessary action.

What are the uses of working on themselves?

-finding the right job suited to you, to WHO YOU ARE FOR REAL. What is the difference betweenw the person who you think you are and what you really are? I invite to answer

-discover personal vocations that are activities that we love doing in in which time flows without realizing it like reading a novels

-recognize your intuitive voice among the others and know how to listen

-choosing the right persons for you in love and in friend and work relationships

-discover your life path

-become master of yourself and of your decisions without external conditions

recognize persona traits you never noticed before

+ others opportunities. Try to add those that come to mind!

Like Dan Millman says, the people thinks that the activities that do not produce incomes have not value and therefore are put aside.

If you dedicate some time to discover yourself, what could happen? I did it and “well worth the effort.”

There are many reasons to decide to do it and so I invite you to take action now for your own good. It is the action that leads to change, even if small but continuous, one step at a time. Contact me to learn more.

Bye bye

Stefania Sandri

La scuola della trasformazione