How to manage the fear of being judged by others?


I want to talk about this kind of fear because I believe that today it is widespread.

What is the fear of being judged by others? it is an emotion from the adverse effects.

We fear the judgment of others because we feel it with the mind as uncomfortable: we could hear not included, derided, humiliated intimacy and deeply touched unpleasantly. And ‘more comfortable conform to the group and be silent. What are the effects?

-Locks the authenticity of expression: the ego real assumes a mask and suffers from falsehood. What then is the meaning of life? to play the roles? if we are not real people, what are we?

-you closes the door to the “possibilitazione”: fear blocks the possibility that a situation will turn into an opportunity to improve your life. Imagine, for example, in a working meeting to express an idea that is contrary to that of most of the people acting together; you get noticed by your boss who decides to put you in charge of the project

-it is risk-free: if you do not express yourself, do not risk that someone will get angry or you rifles words to what you said or did. Zero risk.

-the fear is fear, there is no joy or happiness. It is bad to live in fear. Why then try it? the ego frightens us when we go out from the routine to prevent us to evolve. But fear is also transient. It takes what has to last and then vanish into thin air while we proceed proud of ourselves.

The fear of being judged by others is connected with self-esteem. Low self-esteem produces dependence on others, conformism and fear of being judged by others.

It attaches great importance to the judgments of others much to fear them. Are we, however, that we decide to give him much power to forget that they are more important our judgments about us and about what we do. And ‘absurd to such behavior. (Again I connect me that self-esteem is the judgment that we give of our value. What do you think about you? How do you judge? I invite you to raise your level of self-esteem!).

What other negative effects of fear the judgment of others? you are free to add other you dear blog readers and send them to me thank you!

Now to the positive effects of this form of fear: I do not come to mind …

How to transform? My point of view is to screw her friend so as not to let her graying your days. How to make friends?

1-make the decision to deal with it;

2-engage the lens;

3-list ten important benefits for you to realize surpassing;

4-if fear is your friend, watch it like a girlfriend! you can not do harm. And ‘it is passing as I said above, and disappears when not from the mental power; reduce the focus on fear;

5-attribute a picture: what does it look? what colors do you have? as if it were a person. So it will be easier to relate to it;

6-how fear as a good friend you want to help? for example you want to say to ponder the words before you tell her to be respectful and not offensive to others;

7-must train and always find daily training opportunities to let it go so that it becomes a habit not to worry about the opinions of others.

It adds that it is not facing any monster or to overcome some kind of obstacle. You can even get around. As? Think about it

And if you can not alone seek advice from experts in the field like me.

See you soon and thanks!

Stefania Sandri

The school transformation